Friday, 1 March 2013

Ghana’s Lust for ‘Take Loan Now Pay Later’ –Must Stop for The Prosperity of Future Generations…

Title: $3bn Chinese loan to be disbursed soon – Iddrisu

Two billion dollars out of the $3 billion Chinese loan is yet to be disbursed. The amount will be used to establish Fishing Landing Beaches.

Trade minister Haruna Iddrisu has told parliament that government is working on the disbursement of the remaining amount to be used for the intended purpose.

“2 billion of the 3 billion Chinese dollars loan remains undisbursed but when the intervention come, people will begin to see Landing sites emerge in the coastal belts from Ada through Discove” Haruna Iddrisu said.

Negotiations for the $3 billion Chinese loan started under late President John Evans Atta-Mills, the loan according to government will be used to engineer massive economic transformation in the country.

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: When it comes to reports about the present government of Ghana, it’s very difficult to decipher what’s real, true or false… But if the above loan of $3bn from China to Ghana is true, -then the future of Ghana isn’t sooo bright. Because, whilst it might be cute for the present government and the like ----I wonder, ---whom/what generation will pay back this loan????? Can you imagine the interest on such a loan??? And if they [the fortunate generation] can’t pay it back, ---will they become the slaves of the Chinese [government]?

I think that the time is coming when loans of this nature must be dealt with in a much more transparent way. The people of Ghana deserve to know what these monies are to be used for, -after all, the loans are procured for the people of Ghana!!!!

I think it’s important to point out that said loan was taken out under the watch  of the late President John Evans Atta-Mills –still, I’m not impressed and would love to know what said loan is intended for!!!

Plus, what on earth are, “Fishing Landing Beaches”… From the little that I know, aren’t all beaches in Ghana – ‘Fishing Landing Beaches’??? 

What they need to do is build toilets or sanitation units –if you may, for the Ghanaian public ----so that …ermmm ---we don’t have to defecate all over the beautiful beaches of Ghana…  

Still, if the present government has used this loan to tackle Accra’s sanitation/sewerage problems –as reported and posted on this blog as we came into the new year, --then fine, if not, the Ghanaian public deserves to know what the loan is for!!!!  

As for the remaining amount yet to be “disbursed” –give it back to the Chinese say I, and …%6&*$5  stop selling Ghana and its future  generations for a few peswas!!!! Ghana’s governments lust of –‘take loan now pay later’ –must stop for the prosperity of future generations…..

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