Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ghana's Next Hot Destination: West Hills Mall

A World Class Mall with Ghanaian Sensitivities

One of the most fascinating features of West Hills Mall is its massive entertainment and recreational arcade, which has a special square for open-air concerts and theatrical shows with a seating capacity for 1,500.

It also has a number of ultra modern cinemas. But perhaps what many Ghanaians might find even more fascinating about this Mall is the le...ngth to which the developers have gone to ensure that its design rendition, its layout and even its operation are in absolute harmony with and complimentary of Ghanaian needs and attitudes.

Before designing West Hills Mall, a team of experts was commissioned to conduct extensive studies into technical expediencies and local shopping habits, as a result of which study, the exterior of West Hills Mall has a special bay dedicated to taxis, buses and even tro-tro.

This Mall will also have a functional health centre with a physician at post. But even more notable is the special traffic interchange and pedestrian underpass which will be constructed across the highway - a component which the developers describe as top priority because it is intended to preserve the free and uninterrupted flow of motor traffic and guarantee the safety of the thousands of pedestrians who will traverse the Accra-Cape Coast Highway to access West Hills Mall.

(Source: Ghana News Agency)


An aerial view of West Hills Mall  (Artist impression)

"West Hills Mall is situated on the newly completed Winneba Highway on the west side of Accra, 20km from Accra Mall. The mall is scheduled for opening in 2014."

West Hills Mall is a new shopping centre to be constructed in Accra, featuring 27,0002 of retail space. A mix of local and international restaurants and a cinema complex complete the wonderful offering. Leasing enquiries can be directed to or Moses Luri, Leasing Manager Broll, 0244 669581

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’m going to be very honest …I know very little about West Hills Mall or the folks behind it but I’m very excited –and look forward to its completion… They are looking for prospective businesses looking for retail outlets for lease in this exciting development, –if you are interested do contact them via email at: or or call Moses Luri, Leasing Manager Broll, on 0244 669581


  1. Great location, but will there be the consistent water and power interuptions?

  2. lol im sure there would be generators incase of a power outage.