Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Next Big Thing in Jewellery: Amma Gyan’s gorgeous jewellery

Amazonite Empire Ring by Amma Gyan  -£45.00

In keeping with the new collection, the Empire ring features a large round Amazonite stone set between 22K gold plated beads on a unique leather band.
The band is comfortable, durable and striking to creating a feature of on this statement ring.
Leather, Semi precious Amazonite stone, 22k gold plated beads, Gold filled bar and Brass clamps… ***Visit website for more info…



Natural rose necklace by Amma Gyan  -£280.00

This necklace is the newest edition to my rose inspired collection of leather jewellery. This necklace is quite a statement with 26 flowers individually hand cut and sculpted, then unlike my other pieces, I have chosen not to dye the leather but to use the natural beauty of the leather and simply brush each flower with a light shade of metallic gold.

The center detail consists of crystal based pearls and Swarovski metallic and antique gold crystals.
The piece is then finished with two strings of pearls on gold plated wire to maintain the shape and form. ***Visit website for more info…


Kisses from Me  by Amma Gyan  -£10 each
Just a little bit of fun.
plump red lips, moulded in a permanent kiss!
Attached to a gold trigger hook to clip them to your bag. mhhwaa!
wear me, be you
Material: Vegetable tanned leather and Gold colour trigger hook….


"Forming beautiful organic shapes is the motivation behind Amma Gyan's designs. Exploiting the natural qualities of leather allows Amma to challenge our perception of this material.
The subtleties in the finish is as important as the form, this leads to hours of experimentation with dyes and paints to reach the perfect combination.
Amma's designs illustrate flow, elegance and strength, and are the principles that underline her molded leather work." Amma Gyan Jewellery

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Award winning designer, Amma Gyan’s gorgeous  jewellery might be uber new to Ghana Rising but she’s been successfully established since 2011 and is, as far as Ghana Rising Blog is concerned ---about to go stellar!!!

Feted by those in the know including high-end high street giants –Jigsaw for her 'Mold-Me' jewellery, -a delectable collection of yummy pieces made from leather and precious metals, Amma Gyan’s beautiful jewellery are must-haves ---set to set the luxury world of jewellery –alight.

A girl after my own heart Amma Gyan uses only the best materials ---including: real leather, see her must have handbag collection; suede’s, pearls, semi-precious stones and gold/gold plated et al… Note Amma also offers a bespoke commission service for those wanting to create something different. Kudos Amma!!!!

For more info or to buy the above pieces visit:


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