Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Film & Culture: Maree Antoinette & D-Mo Zajac gives us 21 of the Greatest Ghanaian Legends…..coming Soon!!!!

To become a great politician, you have to use your talents, skills, experiences, honesty, integrity, challenges and constraints with the positive effect that we can have in touching other human lives.
A good politician becomes the image of his creator. Dare to guess which LEGEND this may be? :: power is only a product of collective action ::

Show your challenges, skills, and concepts on your knowledge map. Can we create free world-class education for anyone anywhere? Dare to guess which LEGEND this may be?
:: Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment - Lao Tzu ::

: Music is the bond that brings all people together: jazzy horns and multiple guitars - Welcome to Highlife. Dare to guess which legend this may be?
:: do you know that our soul is composed of harmony ? - Leonardo Da Vinci ::

Many people believe that creativity is inborn and only a chosen few are creative. The difference between a creative person and a person who is not so creative is not in the creativity that they were born with but in the creativity that they have lost...Dare to guess which legend this may be?

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’ve been a fan of Maree Antoinette since my Myspace days, –when I think ....she was the fabulous lady behind the Miss Africa Australia Beauty Pageant. Anyway, Maree Antoinette is not just a pretty face and is busy working on, “21 Legends, Made in Ghana” –an inspirational project set to, “capture the profound existential insights of 21 of the Greatest Ghanaian Legends” –and Ghana Rising can’t wait!!!

From the 21 Legends, Made in Ghana Facebook page, I can see that the likes of Ghana Rising fave, award winning musician and prolific rap artist, Kwaw Kese (http://www.kwawkese.com/),  Gospel sister Stella Dugan and actor John Dumelo (http://johndumelo.tv/) –to name a few are all a part of the illustrious ‘21’ ….  For more info about this exciting project visit: https://www.facebook.com/21LegendsMadeInGhana

To keep up with all of 21 Legends Ghana’s inspirational happenings visit: https://twitter.com/21Legends_GHANA

More Info
This Project will capture the profound existential insights of 21 of the Greatest Ghanaian Legends.

21 Legends , MADE in Ghana
The "21 Legends, Made in Ghana", Exhibition and Photo Book will reveal the profound wisdom and insights of 21 of our time’s greatest Ghanaian writers, artists, philosophers, politicians, athletes, designers, activists, musicians, religious and business leaders.

I see this project as having layers of products that come from it. The act of bringing people together and sharing those stories is a product in itself. The photographs and stories that we will exhibit are a major product and will end up as a limited edition book and limited edition prints.

I believe that any art medium can inspire and create change in the world.

:: Heart of the project ::
The main focus will be on capturing the moments, when The Legends can let go and give themselves permission to be open and honest. That’s the perspective we want to capture. That’s the story we want to tell. Their Stories.

:: Project Team::
D-Mo Zajac - Photojournalist and Visual Anthropologist
With a background covering film and television in Europe, also photography between Sydney-New York-London, D-Mo brings a unique quality to her work.

Her philosophy is to not only develop concepts, but to also push boundaries in all the creative work that she undertakes.


Maree Antoinette – Actress and Public Relations Specialist.
Maree Antoinette is an actress and Producer-Director. With a strong background in Public Relations Maree Antoinette brings an aesthetic approach in developing unique projects, which will enhance and nurture her skills and talents whilst at the same time highlight and project her culture and heritage.

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