Thursday, 7 March 2013

Singer Chris Brown Causes Moral Panic in Accra –Causing Charter House to Issues Statement appeasing Ghana’s Chattering Class…..

Paulina Opok-Gyimah says: Ghana’s ‘moral elite’ –its powerful but mostly hidden chattering class has been set off again, --and this time its singer Chris Brown!!! Even though Chris Brown’s performance at the Hope City Concert was said to be ‘smoking hot’, --via their press officer Mrs Theresa Ayoade, Charter House, the outfit behind the concert has issued the following statement with regards to singer Chris Brown allegedly lighting up and smoking what appeared to look like a marijuana joint … It’s important to note that ‘smoking’ and especially smoking ‘weed’ is a real no, no in Ghanaian society..  

Following the furore resulting from an act of lighting what people suspect to be a “joint” by headline artist Chris Brown at the Hope City Concert last Tuesday, the organizers of the show, Charterhouse, have denied that the artist smoked marijuana live on stage.

According to Mrs Theresa Ayoade, Brown, as part of his act, which can be described as one of the most exciting stage shows ever to take place in Ghana, enacted a scene as he performed his song, Smoke Out The Brain in which he discussed the conflict that arises within a person when under pressure to do a vice like smoking, and to illustrate, lit up a slim cigar and pulled a symbolic puff.

As the conflict rage on within him, we overhear his voice and other songs urging him to go ahead and smoke, while his inner voice is also overheard through the loud speakers, saying “Chris, don’t, it can make you crazy!” He then symbolically goes ahead to ‘kill’ the lighted cigar by stepping on it, before falling to floor amid coughing. In the ensuring, it can be said that good triumphed over evil. Unfortunately, it was this action that many have misconstrued as Brown lighting and smoking marijuana in public.

“For the brief moment that Chris Brown stopped over in Accra for the concert, I can confirm that he comported himself. Indeed, his rider which spells out what he wants on the event night, listed strictly water and soda as his requirement, and spelled out ‘No alcohol’!” And, none was supplied to them. The cigar was only a prop he used as part of an act, which actually sort to caution against the smoking of “weed”.

Brown gave a thrilling show stopping performance to wrap up the celebration for the sod cutting of rlg Communication’s H.O.P.E City technology park project scheduled to be built in Dokornaa by 2015.

It was powered by leading events management company, Charterhouse, with support from GHOne Entertainment and Empire Entertainment.

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