Saturday, 2 March 2013

Objects of Desire: The Braveheart Shoe Collection by Eiko

Made for that moment when you walk into the room,when you want everyone to look past your outfit and down to those handmade bespoke shoes...Eiko brings you its first of many more to come... Braveheart!

Allen Freshdaily Coleman in his purple velvets from the braveheart collection

Eiko is a Ghanaian shoe brand which produces custom hand-made shoes for both the local and international market and their Braveheart Shoe collection is hot-to-trot and a must buy… For more info or to purchase visit their FB page at:

More Info:
Eiko is not just about shoes but it's a family of people who understand what it means to adorn your feet; people who appreciate the value of "made especially for you"...with Eiko everyone gets to feel like a royal….

For orders call 0242277161 or BB pin 2203F8EC


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  1. Nice and gorgeous shoe collection for men. I like it very much.
    Thank you so much.