Monday, 11 March 2013

The Next Big Thing in Ghanaian Politics: John Armah

John Armah

John Armah is a Winner of the Prestigious Ideas 2012 Awards, along with Franklin Cudjoe of Imani Ghana(One of Africa’s Highly ranked Civil Society Organization, Policy Think Tank) and Dr. Ayorkor Korsah (Doctor of Robotics, Ashesi University Ghana)

John is the Head of the Ghana Center for Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation,(GCEEI). An initiative he proposed to the Ghanaian Government and was adopted and captured in the 2012 Budget of Ghana and in the Minister for Finances’ own words in page 24, paragraph 107 of the 2012 Budget Highlights(”The Ghana Center for Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation(GCEEI) Initiative is to be a one stop shop to facilitate Business start-ups, finance, business ideas, evaluation, monitoring and Business Development and Innovation in Ghana and Africa”. The mandate of the Center is to promote Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation in Ghana, particularly amongst the youth who are in the formal and informal sectors of the Economy in Ghana. The Center is run in partnership with the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Finance in a unique Public Private Partnership with Government.John was recently selected as one of the 55 participants for the Global Entrepreneurship Summer School in Munich out of over 1000 applicants globally. The Global Entrepreneurship Summer School is the official UN Decade for Sustainable Development’s Official program.

John is a young individual motivated by the desire to see and drive the agenda of change through the advocacy of the Youth Agenda.

John Armah is also the Chairman of the Model African Union Commission, an organization that is committed to fighting for the Youth Agenda and reforms in the African Union. He has worked with many institutions such as, the Ghana International School, where he was a Library Assistant and at Wangara Hotel, where he was the Assistant Human Resource and Marketing Manager. His impeccable performance is still today acknowledged in these institutions.

John Armah in his speaking Career has addressed key youth across the world at the Global Model United Nations where he met the likes of Mr. Kiyotaka Akasaka, Under-Secretary General for Communication and Public Information, United Nations, and Yvonne Acosta, Chief of the United Nations Department of Public Information. Again in Malaysia. John Armah was featured in the Malaysian Newspaper Kosmos for his contributions to achieving consensus, and was interviewed by a number of TV Stations in Kuala Lumpur. John was also an Observer at the Regional Consultation on National Youth Policy organized by the Commonwealth for all Countries in Asia belonging to the Commonwealth which was attended by Ministers of Youth and their representatives,held in Kuala Lumpur in May 2011 a unique opportunity for John, He describes it.

John, has addressed audiences at schools and conferences, including the Regeneration Ghana Youth Conference at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, where he touched many with his kind words,, trained members of the United Nations Students Association Ghana in the Act of Debating and Public Speaking at Model United Nations, and many others.

In his first year, first semester offering Business Administration, he founded the Business Leadership Group, a group that sought to bridge the gap in graduate unemployment and enable students to have a feel of a work environment in their first year in school and to better appreciate their various fields of study, in the first month of operations over thirteen people got job and internship opportunities, with the least earning about a GHC 200.00. John is now a student of law on a full scholarship sponsored by Zenith University College and EPP Book Services.

John Armah gave up several admission opportunities to study with University of Leicester, Philips Exeter Academy and recently a scholarship to study in China because of his commitment to staying back in his country to prove, one can make it from here.

John Armah is Programs Director of Vibe FM Ghana, a local radio station located in the heart of Accra, widely acclaimed as “the Soul of the Capital”. He is the Host of the Africa Talks radio program, a show totally committed to Africa’s Development, it airs every Saturday from 12-2pm on the same station. John has in his career interviewed many key individuals, including minsters of State and other key individuals in business including Mr. Yoofi Grant, Executive Director of Databank, Sigismund Dzeble, Head of HR at PZ Cussons, Hon. Fiifi Kwettey, the Deputy Minister for Finance, Ace Journalist Paul Adom Otchere, just to name a few.

John has been featured on many shows in Ghana including the famous “Good Evening Ghana program on Metro TV, GTV, ETV,TV3,TV Africa, Citi FM, Choice FM,Vibe FM,Radio XYZ and in most print media like,Daily Guide, Today newspaper,Daily Graphic amongst others. His stories have been featured on almost every news website with a Ghanaian connection across the world.
John has helped resolve conflict situations in Ghana. Notably, his involvement in helping the UNHCR and Ghana Refugee Board solve the just recent Liberian refugee crisis stands to be commended.

He has served as a member of some notable committees such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 48th and 49th Planning Committee of the Week long African Union celebration in Ghana, where he organized and chaired the Model African Union Summit held at the Accra International Conference Center, a conference that featured key youth leaders both in and out of Ghana. John was called again to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs AU Day planning Committee and currently serves as a member of the Committee and will again organize the Model African Union Sumit for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also served as a member of the Committee for the William Ofori Atta Year Long Centenary Celebration, and just recently was an observer at the Regional Consultation on National Youth Policy in Kuala Lumpur, for countries in the Asian region organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

John founded the Community Development Fund, a fund to help alleviate poverty in communities where he grew up and by extension Ghana. He was appointed ambassador for Slum Code International, a feat he will soon execute. He has donated, books, computer, clothes, organized youth camps for children and young adults in a bid to make his society better, notable among them is donating a computer and books to a school that never had a computer and paid 0.50 peseswas per student for a café session to use a computer.

John has held many leadership positions including Assistant Senior Boys Prefect and Head of His School’s Student Representative Council,an institution he founded. John won Best Student in Government, Literature, Geography, Social Studies, Science amongst others while in Senior High School. John single handedly printed his school’s first magazine and coined its schools alias”Ahobrasie”. John Armah has also held so many leadership positions as a result of his poise, articulation and astuteness when it comes to Leadership. His ingenuity, integrity and wisdom makes him stand tall.
John runs the Ghana Youth Employment Forum sponsored by the World Bank Ghana Office, a series of lectures to be organized every month. Indeed, this program held on the 1st of November 2011 achieved a land mark resolution to solving Ghana’s Unemployment woes, a feat worth commending and currently been implemented. Because of this feat,every first Tuesday of every month is blocked at the World Bank Office for John’s Ghana Youth Employment Forum.

John is the youngest to have had his idea captured in the Budget of Ghana and the youngest to have worked effectively on projects for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Finance in Ghana.
John head’s Ghana’s Center for Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation,(GCEEI).

An initiative captured in the 2012 Budget of Ghana and in the Minister for Finance own words in page 24, paragraph 107 of the 2012 Budget Highlights(”The Ghana Center for Entrepreneurship, Employment and Innovation(GCEEI) Initiative is to be a one stop shop to facilitate Business start-ups, finance, business ideas, evaluation, monitoring and Business Development and Innovation in Ghana and Africa”

John hopes to continue to do his best to contribute his quota to his country and Africa at large


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Its sooooo easy to become bored and disappointed with Ghanaian politics….yawn, yawn, yawn but with the likes of John Armah ---the future starts to look brighter…