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A must Read: Cape Coast Facebook Fan Page

The dying Fosu lagoon
Some of the accompanying comments…
“From the research that I've looked at on the dying of the lagoon, and I've read quite a bit on it, it seems that many of the researchers are looking in the wrong direction in order to solve the problems. Many seem to point fingers at changing the practices of the fishermen, who it's pretty clear, are not the problem. you can't fix the problems of the lagoon without fixing the problems of waste disposal in Cape Coast. Beyond the toxins from the car repair industry along Jukwa Rd., general waste ends up there because there are few alternatives. Its real estate potential, furthermore, will likely curse the lagoon to death because this will involve the transformation of sensitive ecological features that help to maintain it not only through the development of the shoreline, but also because it seems that most talk around its development is tourism related, and tourism is a profoundly polluting and destructive practice. Tourists create 5-20 times as much waste as residents of places, globally.” D Thorsen-Cavers

“Wake up cape coasters, we can still do something. Awwwww the town of beautiful nonsense.” F Rago

“Can’t we turn this into a sexy marina –full of boats and paying tourists? -And no I don’t think that eco-tourism with emphasis on eco- with be destructive.” Paulina Opoku-Gyimah

Saint Francis de Sales Catholic Church -- Cape Coast
Some of the accompanying comments…

“Memories of my mass serving days at St. Francis with senior Atta and co.” S Antwi

Apapransa- original dish from Cape Coast

Some of the accompanying comments…

“It's sort of a cross between kenkye and palm soup to flavour it. So good!” D Hunter

“Is this the same dish called 'Aprogyei'? The crab looks rather delicious but I'm afraid the rest of it looks too rich for my blood! Too many of these and you'll be asking for a coronary.” F O-Lindsay

Some of the accompanying comments....

“That is Premier, the first Methodist society in the Gold Coast, God bless Rev. Dunwell and other founders.” H E Korsah

“It’s the Methodist church. Chapel square, the seat of Methodism.” M Blay

“Funny I don't recall the methodist church having a belfry but maybe it did. I remember it being grand inside it with a fantastic pipe organ, and quite colourful pillars.Are there any pics on the interior? The organist there was Mr Bessa Simmons if I've spelt it right. Does anybody know of his whereabouts? It's been about 30 year now.” E Samson

Some of the accompanying comments…

“This is Augusco Beach area” E Atta-Sonno

“O.L.A. Beach around my school ola boarding school. I miss my school.” F Nettey

Old Post Office
Some of the accompanying comments…

"And at a point STC offices.” P K Adom
“How can we allow such a structure go waste with a prime Atlantic sea view?” G Evans

R.I.P Mr Kojo Mensah AKA Kojo Alata

Some of the accompanying comments…

“Kojo Alata was a real Great Man with distinctive brains.” E Asante

“Your funeral was like a kings funeral, indeed u are a great man.” DeRain Maker

“The man who took ECG to court and won. He also took GFA to court and won for Vipers who have been relegated to play in first division. We acknowledge your effort for Cape Coast. Hope the good Lord has given u a peaceful place to rest till we meet again.” T Mensah

Can you identify this?

Some of the accompanying comments…

“That is the statue of Queen Victoria at the Victoria Park, Cape Coast. That is where Ebusua Dwarfs used to practice during the day.” R Barnor

“Victoria park .... where my dad started his football life.” T G Wilberforce Jnr

“Was looking at this today..! I think it needs some restoration. Might not be there in the next five years if left as it is.”  J Adu

“It’s time 4 Oguaaman 2 replace these symbols of enslavement with those of our own Heroism. Is anybody listening?” K A Hagan

“History can never be wiped out or replaced. We can only ask 4 addition of others. Do one 4 your dad first, rite in front of your house and everyone will follow suit.”  M Mbroh

 “And why is Victoria Park, now being called Jubilee Park? I don’t get it. Why do we have to wipe history away in such a manner? If we need to have a memory for our national jubilee, and we so want a park create a new one. That park is older than 50 years. CAPE COAST are you there?” M A Adu

Some of the accompanying comments…

"NICE OUTFIT..NICE POSE ..BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF THIS QUEEN....this is what am talking about, this picture will sell a fortune for the cover page of an international culture magazine ...HOT CAKE.” H M Asaam

“I don’t think this is a queen. I believe she is a leader of the Asafo group.” J M Abadoo

“Henry I like your observation and comment. Is it too late now for something to be done for that picture and many of them to bring in the fortunes? I don't think it’s too late. Looks like you have some idea about marketing such products. Tell us all what you think we need to practically do to bring in the "dough" Oguaaman needs the "kudi" We have a helicopter manufacturing project in the pipeline, flyover at Pedu Junction, Fosu lagoon needs to be salvaged, schools and training institutes, teaching hospitals, our coast line from Victoria Park right down to Ola need to be turned into a decent and beautiful beach for picnics, etc, not forgetting Kotokuraba market and maybe 2 more universities. Great Marcus, show us the way. Talk to the Cape Coast team- Sammy, Efua & Co.. We need feedback man!” S Owusu-Amako

“Is not a big's an article of faith.....she is either a traditional priest (Okomfo) or an Asafo baatan (female leader in the Asafo mini military groups).” Prekese Ghanamedia

“The Central Region Akomfo are very fashionable, stylist and neat. Look at her color combination.....even with the Tekuwa............what's her name? And which part of Cape Coast is she from?” Prekese Ghanamedia

“Essumanbah, Sister Gyakye and Sister Aba Gyakye.” A Wricketts

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: The Cape Coast facebook fan page is one of the best on FB. I love the photos of some of my childhood haunts and the comments and captions under the photos are a must-read. I also feel that said fan page is probably doing more for Ghana’s tourist industry than the nation’s tourist board or authority or whatever it calls it self.
Also its commentators are like the who’s-who of those ‘all-telling’ colonial master names left behind (laughter)…and we all know how much the Fantefuos love their European names!!!

Cape Coast facebook fan page is fabulous on sooo many levels. From jogging my memory with gems like ‘Apapransa’- an original dish from Cape Coast --to the numerous images of festivals and some of the most beautiful beaches and old buildings in Ghana –the Cape Coast Facebook Fan Page is a daily must-read. Do check out said page via: to view the rest of Cape Coast Facebook Fan Page's photos.....

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