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Did God deliver Deniece of RnM fame or did TB Joshua deliver her?

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“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36 King James Version (KJV)

Paulina syas: As I’ve stated in the past, I don’t care what sooo called men of GOD do with their money if they’ve earned it themselves via books, appearances or whatever (sssss)…

I don’t care if they have a passion for private jets if its bought with their own hard earned sika/talent, or build cities/towns in Africa (I kid you not) –if monies used doesn’t come from the offering bowl –even though you have to wonder what GOD they are serving when none of the houses they’ve built are designated for the poor and homeless (mercy)!!!

I don’t care if they walk around in suits made of money, what I do find offensive are the selling of ‘Holy Water’ –its repugnant to me, and sooo called men of God becoming Cult figures!!!! This is doubly repugnant to me.

When folk are prepared to by past their own bible, walk past their local controversial free churches –and get on a plane to see you, be prayed for by you, be delivered only you and buy only your Holy water –I think it’s time to seek-the-real-Lord don’t you????

For the past few days Ghana has been awash with talk of TB Joshua delivering singer Deniece of RnM fame. There has been no talk of God, or the need for said singer to fly to Nigeria to be delivered but ‘real’ talk of TB Joshua!!!!!!!

It’s all sooo interesting…-no?  But I’m thinking…….. I prefer to read the bible for myself and pray to God directly for help, assistance and deliverance et al. –And visit my local church when I need/want some fellowship, plus…..I feel it’s important for my baby to be part of a church etc….its very grounding…

You know… the older I get the more purity and simplicity I want. I really don’t want all the trimmings, or the pomp or ceremony, all I want is for everything to be pared down and clean, and fragrant and transparent –I really just want to know GOD in truth and in spirit –that’s all….

****We are really in the END DAYsssss –no!!!!! That people are prepared or desperate enough  to get on a plane and not seek God in their own environs her mind boggling…

When did certain individuals acquire and monopolise GOD (mercy)… So that only their Holy water or their prayers are ‘good’???

Also…….is it me or does it seem like Ghana’s preachers, prophets or Archbishops are redundant!!!

Just check out all those seekers of errrrmmmm miracles, deliverance or should that be sanity –flying abroad in search of all sorts. You hear of women who are prepared to fly the globe in search of fertility or some other healing!!!!


“My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4: 6 (KJV)

It appears that these errmmm miracle seekers truly believe these things of the ‘spirit’ --‘just’ can’t be found in our sweet motherland Ghana (mercy).

Mind you if those in charge believe God can only be heard in Israel then you can’t blame the masses from going to Nigeria, Canada or India to seek ‘real’ men of God (mercy)…..

Anyway I’ll stop waffling…. you can read all about Deniece of RnM fame’s deliverance via Ghana Music website at:


P.s… I plead the Blood of Jesus on me and mine and Ghana Rising Blog readers. No weapon formed against us will prosper –in Jesus Name –Amen.. xx

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