Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hot, Hot, Hot Music: ‘Anything for You’ by Flexclusive featuring Tiffany……happy belated birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

Please remember to watch via YouTube –Thanks…..

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: where to start???? I don’t do birthdays very well!!!  –Well not since I passed 32 years!!!! Thus when the big day arrived last week –I wasn’t good at all. Also, it’s that dodgy age when folk stop buying you ‘real’ birthday gifts and start buying you flowers…and if you know me …’ll know that I love flowers and all but really?????? Where’s the latest ‘IT’ bag or perfume? What is maame maame M&S vouchers and bunches of petrol station flowers –please!!!!!

Anyway sooo on that fateful day I was feeling very sorry for myself –as you do when you have a past full-to-bursting with enough adventures to kill the faint hearted …..and I was probably slipping into a premature midlife crisis when I started flicking through the channels and there he was ---sorry there it was –the above uber romantic tune ---lovingly sung by Ghana Rising’s new crush Flexclusive featuring Ghana Rising fave Tiffany called, ‘Anything for You’ and I was suddenly alright!!!!!!

With those half closed eyes of his –I truly believe everything Flexclusive says especially when he says I’m his ‘sunshine girl’….fabulous. He looks familiar doesn’t he? Is it me or does he have that Croydon Ghanaian man-about-town look or is it that Thornton Heath look??? -Come on you know what I mean!!! You know there’s that one street in said zones that’s lined with them (laughter). If not London then he most def has that Dutch equivalent –that Amsterdam Spot look!!! xxxx

Anyway before you can say Jack rabbit I was backing it up…. –thank the heavens for Sky who allow you to goo back and forth ---and was like a woman possessed –remote in hand –stuck on Klear TV (232 on Sky) having me a little whine –sorry dance…

Fabulous…….omygoodness…… it’s soooooooooooooooo good to have a sexy Ghanaian male doing his thing…and wish Flexclusive all the best…

For more info about Flexclusive visit:

He has a facebook account but I can’t find his FB fan page but found the following: -I’m thinking he needs to hurry it up with his own Facebook fan page…

For more info about Tiffany who is growing and growing from strength to strength via  Go girl….

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