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Tourism: Jays Lodge Ghana



 “The going rate is $75/night including breakfast. Do make provision for the visits - butterfly sanctuary about 1hr away on the kumasi road, Afram plains/Volta lake about 30 minutes away, Lake Bosumtwe is 1hr 30 minutes away etc. You can bike around, hike on a 7km trail, mountain hike as well, play board games (monopoly, draft-board, chess) in addition to table tennis.” Jays Lodge Ghana

The views from balcony 2 at Jays Lodge Ghana……


The views from the balcony 1 at Jays Lodge Ghana…..

Early morning or late afternoon, take a walk from the outskirts of Pepease and you will be pleasantly surprised by the views of the landscape and the horizon - the Afram/Volta on the left and the sacred Buruku on the right

Breathtakingly beautiful views: Lake Bosumtwe is just 1h30 min. drive from JAYS Lodge


For adventure lovers Jays Lodge Ghana offers you 7km cycling and hiking trail from Obo to Aduamoah


Bird watching at Jays Lodge Ghana
Prior to entering the "nest" - the road from Pepease to Bukruwa where at least 50 of the 100 known rare species in Ghana sort of congregate.


Bird watching at Jays Lodge begins with the yellow-headed Rockfowl.

Followed by this grey-back Camaoptera

An "UFC" (unidentified flying creature)



Finally, another "UFC"
Don't forget your binoculars...if you do, there are a few at JAYS to be used on first-come-first-served basis




This image comes with no caption but I love it… I would love to do a fashion shoot here. Its truly beautiful…


KOTOSO - where the Afram meets the Volta. Beyond is the Afram Plains - the bread basket...You're still up the Kwahu ridge.



BRUKU - the sacred stone up the hill where the first settlers prayed and worshiped...



This is the road from Kwahu Tafo to Kotoso. On the horizon is "Buruku" the sacred hills where the pioneers worshiped…..


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: it’s taken some years but I’m finally beginning to see a trend for quality services/spas/lodges etc springing up not just in the ubiquitous Accra metropolis but in other cities/towns in Ghana and I love it.

And the town in question is the “quaint original Obo Township” in the Kwahu district…and the business/services is Ghana’s latest must-visit holiday spot – Jays Lodge.

I’m soo excited about Jays Lodge which is just two and half hours from Accra --not least because I get to talk about a fabulous venue outside of Accra –but also because I get to kill two birds with one stone, –I can visit my family home in Mpraeso and then head to the lodge…

Jays Lodge which opened for business on the 28th June 2013 is already a hit with Ghanaians and is beginning to make a splash in the international travel industry.

Jays Lodge is conveniently situated in Ghana’s adventure capital –offering thrill seekers all manner of fun including: paragliding, hiking, cycling, bird watching and Fishing et al. Culture vultures can take in some of Kwahu’s amazing heritage sites including, “the scenic tropical rainforest across the “Asaaka bend” though Tafo and observe the canopies gradually give way to savannah and then the breath-taking stretch of the Volta Lake across the horizon – all within 30–minute drive from JAYS Lodge.”

 For more info visit:


Exit highway to Nkawkaw Township
Continue journey 1km beyond Nkawkaw old station-still on the main road
Turn right (Life FM signboard) and continue journey on the new road to the Kwahu Ridge through Obomeng
Upon arriving at Obomeng junction, turn left to Obo. JAYS Lodge is just 1km away adjoining the Obo Community Centre.

More Info:
Nestled at 560 meters (about 1,800 feet) above sea level, with a hilly backdrop and overlooking the quaint original Obo Township is JAYS Lodge - the added surprise.

JAYS Lodge is a place where you can truly feel at home - a fifteen guest room lodge that is designed to be part of its natural habitat.

 Both welcoming and serene, you will experience the perfect balance between design and the environment.

 Come and discover new things.

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