Sunday, 14 July 2013

Selly and Natasha are evicted from BBA house…

Paulina says: Surprisingly…..not, our Selly is out ---how predictable and boring!!!!! She and Malawi’s Natasha have been evicted leaving Big Brother Africa a more predictable and boring place. And I’m predicating that Zimbabwe’s Pokello and our Elikem will be next if this fixed, tedious series continues on the same road. And –this is another prediction –half of Africa will switch off.

Ghana Rising Blog will like to take this opportunity to wish Natasha and our Selly the very best of luck –and predicts a very big future for both of them. And as for all the drama surrounding Selly –all I can say is…Selly don’t listen them, get some media training –keep whatever you have to say to a minimum or an elegant –“no comment” (you don’t owe anybody  anything) and ‘go-on-with-you’re-bad-self’ as we say in North London. …

Ghana still loves you Selly and has your back!!!!!

I must also take this opportunity to stress how disappointed I am with Big Brother Africa –this year. From its xenophobic writers especially one tacky-tacky-jagger-jagger-wannabe-journalist-hater-of-Ghana called Bukelwa Nkungwana!!! Someone who’s name is attached to everything awful and negative about Ghana… To Big Brother Africa not coming out –to confirm or unconfirm that hideous alleged  STD-thing between Nando and Selly –allowing Selly’s name and reputation to be tarnished. Still it’s not beyond repair –as Selly is loved by Ghana and beyond!!!!!

I’m guessing that Big Brother Africa wasn’t counting on this backlash –probably thinking that Ghana will do Selly the way Ethiopia has done Betty --- but instead Ghanaians and beyond are coming out in support of Selly’s hideous treatment.  Shame on you Big Brother Africa…maybe you need to get neutral sponsors –and leave all that anti Ghanaian sentiments behind.  

Right now the show is at a stalemate, and will never be the same as Selly and Natasha were two of its biggest-must-watch characters. Anyway, to read about Selly and Natasha’s eviction visit:

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