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‘Ghana Meets Naija’2013 at Accra International Conference Centre ….(A foundation expert is urgently needed in Ghana)….

Ghanaian dancehall/reggae artist Jupitar at Ghana Meet Naija 2013 (



Ghanaian actress Naa Ashorkor at the Ghana Meet Naija 2013 concert which took place at Accra International Conference Accra, Ghana.

Kwaw Kese doing his thing at Ghana Meet Naija 2013 at Accra International Conference Centre


Ghanaian rapper Edem on stage…. (


Wizkid at Ghana Meet Naija 2013…….


Berla Addardey

BET nominee D-BLACK on stage at Ghana Meet Naija 2013 at Accra International Conference Center.

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Did you know that before the Oscars –celebrities aren’t just invited to a pre-Oscar party where they are showered with numerous goodie bags worth tens of thousands but are also given a pre-Oscar makeover? I really get it don’t you!!!

For something as aspirational as the Oscars you just can’t have people jumping out of trees –because all and especially those in watching-land must be moved by the untouchable beauty –and must dream that one day they too can and will be there if that’s their dream –etc etc…

The truth is…..celebrity and celebrity gatherings are as much about the gaze as they are about dreams…. And this knowledge has yet to hit Ghana. In fact I don’t know if it was the photographer’s lack of lighting experience or something or the other but it was an absolute task scratching through these images from Ghana Rising fave portal to the stars Talk of GH.

I’m thinking that apart from Nigeria’s Wizkid with his beautiful clear skin –everyone else looked weirdly shiny, ashy and in desperate need of foundation. We need a foundation expert in Ghana –urgently….

Now I’ve done my bit …I’ve shared insider information about how to get clear/clearer skin here on Ghana Rising blog (please see past pots). I’ve made it clear---you can dress up-to-the-nines ---but if your skin looks awful –you’re just not going to look pulled together and fabulous and flawless. Basically you are going to look like everybody else!!!

Now there will be some of you thinking that not everyone is born with clear skin –and that is true ---but there are two types of people with clear skin. Some like Wizkid ----it’s their birth-right and other –they have the skin they work hard for!!!! And that means that we all have a chance if we, sleep well, exercise, exfoliate and drink lots of water!!!

But you know what ….I don’t know…… I really don’t know if it’s the lack of water in Ghana –well in this instance –Accra, or people are afraid to drink too much water because they don’t have inside loos –sooo the palaver of trying to find a latrine because you have decided to drink the right amount of water (that’s about 8 glasses of water a day) is just too much or they don’t have flowing water pipes in their homes!!! –But really….a concert hall full-to-bursting with pimply, dark blotches, greasy, shiny something, something faces is such a turn off.

Also, I remember that back in the day –if you wanted to buy chalky Bronifua ‘fashion’ foundation (mercy) –there was one shop or chemist you went to in Airport ---and said ‘fashion’ foundation was sold in a plastic bag (mercy); you bought whatever shade was available –the lighter the better (mercy) –and as they were made for Caucasian beauties –it was never going to be suitable –but that was no deterrent, also said foundation had to be broken or mashed up and the ladies would then throw it unto their face and then pat it down (mercy) –like some do with talcum powder –say and it looked like they are beating themselves up (mercy, mercy) ---well mercifully those days are way behind us… and numerous market stalls, shops, and that beauty shop in Accra mall ---all sell real foundation in Ghana ---soo there is no excuses not to have flawless yummy skin at such a…ermmmm –well what should be an aspirational event!!!

As for the fashions ---well as always they are a wonder to behold!!! –And also very flammable and tight but I’m not going to begrudging anyone in a developing third world country their right to wear Primark ---sorry, Primani!!! –Only, I seriously can’t imagine myself uploading images from said event next year!! Well unless they up their game ---- Thanks always to Talk of GH for the above images and keeping the world in the loop with regards to what’s going on in Ghana..  

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