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Popular Culture/African TV: Africa debates whether ‘our’ Selly had sex on Big Brother Africa or not!!!

 Our fabulous Selly.....

Selly flying the flag for Ghana 

Selly and Nando in the BBA house...

Title: Selly's Mother Says Her Daughter Didn't Have Séx With Nando

In the midst of a strong criticism in the media on an alleged séxual intercourse between Ghana’s Selly and séxual animal Nando from Tanzania in the on going Big Brother-The Chase, Selly’s mother has finally reacted in defence of her daughter.
Madam Benedicta Galley who spoke in an exclusive interview on Peace FM’s “Entertainment Review” seems to have seen things quite differently from what most people are already insinuating. Contrary to what is perceived as a shameful act for Selly to have séx on inter-continental television, her mother still insists that Selorm Galley who is her only child did not have séx.

“In the Big Brother house things are not that open especially about the romantic scenes for everybody to see that people are having séx openly because everything is done under the blanket. We always see male and females together so for me I don’t think they had séx as it is being speculated all over”, madam Galley stressed adding that Ghanaian must not concentrate on the negatives but should rather focus on the positives and support Selly to bring the money home.

She also made reference to Selly’s boyfriend Praye Tiatia’s refusal to comment on the incident saying she is very happy he didn’t comment and that he is going to wait for Selly herself to come back home and explain what really happened.

On her opinion the whole Big Brother Africa show, madam Benedicta who said she was not really a fun of BBA until her daughter entered, said if you decide to enter it is very difficult to back out along the way so you have to follow the dictates of the game and do whatever you are asked to do because everyone’s target is the ultimate prize so if you back out then it means you have been defeated.

Though she thinks that Big Brother have explained to all the housemates how far the game can go so that whoever is not comfortable will not even enter in the first place, she believes that as far as you start the game you should go all out to achieve the reason why you went there.

Asked what she told her daughter before she went to South Africa, the proud mother said “I really advised her because she is not a bad girl. A lot of people knew her before she won the beauty pageant and the few movies she has acted in and she knows herself the kind of home she is from. So it is really surprising that people are thinking that she had séx in front of all the cameras and in front of the whole of Africa when she knows that she has a boyfriend back home whom she is to going get married to very soon”.
“Everything they do there is under the blanket. Sometimes see you two people under the blanket whether they are kissing or whatever they are doing nobody can tell. It is not so plane for people to judge that truly this what went on”.
Asked specifically if she think Nando had séx with Selly or not, she said “I don’t believe Selly had séx. Even Big Brother himself could not go under the blanket to see what really happened because I have seen several other male and female housemates who also were under the blanket doing the same thing so you cannot determine that simply because a male and a female are under the blanket it means they are having séx”, Madam Benedicta Galley emphasized.
Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: There was a time ---long ago when going on Big Brother Africa meant overnight stardom, success and uber opportunities –well not anymore as our Selly one of this year’s Ghana representatives and her family are finding out to their cost.
Infamy -not stardom is what Big Brother Africa is all about this year!!! –With sooo called V.I.P footage of the contestant bathing (nude) –all live coverage you hear, a former Ethiopian contestant who might be prosecuted for having sex in said home back home in Ethiopia –and now our very own Selly’s alleged sex with Nando from Tanzania, –BBA13 has taken entertainment to the next level and not all of it is entertaining or amusing –in my books.
I’ve been watching the Selly/Nando thingy brewing for some time and sooo didn’t want to discuss it –but was moved to do soo after reading some of the horrendous comments made by BBA watchers around Africa with regards to Selly’s mother defending her daughter’s conduct –and rightly ---yes rightly in my books --noting that Selly didn’t have sex on national TV with that Nando boy....
The thing is…..I have watched said footage a number of times and I fervently agree with Selly’s mother that her daughter didn’t have sex on national TV.
Yes they [Selly/Nando] fooled around –with Selly lying there like a cold fish with her body partly turned away from Nando ---leaving Nando to do all the hard work, all the fooling around –which…. I hasten to add is there for all to see. BUT and this is a big BUT, that Nando boy never ‘entered that place’. We are all grown up –right??? And we can all tell the difference between a little bit of suck-kiss-and-tickle and all out ermmmmmm –well you know what I mean!!!  
People need to open their eyes and watch said footage properly –for themselves and stop trying to destroy Selly.
I’m the first to admit that I didn’t like her fooling around with young Nando, –that she lost her BBA game for a short minute –and was somewhat disappointed with Selly, but Big Brother Africa is a game show, and like a seasoned trooper our Selly got back on her game, brushed it off –and kept it moving.
I like Selly, and Ghana’s other contestant –actor and tailor Elikem, and Bimp from Ethiopia and Zimbabwean ‘IT’ girl (and our Elikem’s love interest)  Pokello, who is embroiled in errerrrrrmmm a naughty video sandal of her own –and wish them all luck.
I truly wouldn’t mind any of them winning …but I’m hating this tacky ‘old news’ debate and hoping that like Selly -Africans in watching land can ---move on…
To watch said footage or the read the yucky comments made with regards to Selly’s mother’s statement or to keep up to date with BBA’s entire dramatic goings on ---visit:

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