Saturday, 13 July 2013

Has Promzy of VIP been taken to hospital?

“BrearkingNews : @PromzyAfrika1 of VIP-VISION IN PROGRESS Jxt got hurt on set Jumping a building, He is been rushed to the hospital. Sit tight.. !!!”  2131

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: The above message has just popped up on my Facebook timeline and I soooo don’t know if it’s true.  I hope it’s not!!!

Via 2131’s Facebook fan page at: -it appears that one of Ghana’s most beloved artist, Emmanuel Promzy Ababio aka Promzy was hurt whilst filming and has been rushed to hospital –but the thing is I can’t find any more info about said event…. I’m trying to find my Ghana phone but Jojo can’t remember where he put it after playing games on it (perplexed look)…… 

If you hear any more info ---do keep us all in the loop. And I’ll get back to you as and when I hear more. I really hope its not true.

For more info about V.I.P visit:

More info:
VIP trio promzy,Zeal formerly (lazzy) & prodigal revolutionized the genre of hiplife Musical influences from highlife, hiphop and traditional African music have made the group one of the most innovative musicians of the genre.

Lazzy (Abdul Hamidu Ibrahim), Promzy (Emmanuel Promzy Ababio) andProdigal (Joseph Nana Ofori) are the three young men who have mystified thepeople of Africa through their sensational music.The Ghanaian born trio, over the last ten years has sold over 5 million records,making them one of the best selling recording artistes in Ghana.

VIP revolutionized the genre of Hiplife music with the energetic party vibe theybrought to the music scene, and by blending musical influences from highlife,hiphop and traditional African music, they became one of the most innovativemusicians of the genre.Over the years, the group has entertained us with amazing performances andconcerts both in their home country Ghana and during their international touring.The band's debut album Bibi Baa O was a hit among hiplife listeners and pavedthe way to the release of even more radical albums such as; Yedi Ya Ba (2000),Lumbe Lumbe Lumbe (2002) Ahomka Womu (2004).

In recording their music,the group has tried to keep it real by choosing words and lyrics that inspire andare practically related to the challenges that young people face in Africa.VIP was launched into mainstream recognition following the release of their bestsellingalbum and hit single, Ahomka Womu. VIP emerged as an internationalsuccess and remained on the Ghanaian charts for over 20 weeks.

The group in 2004 set a record by achieving five awards at the Ghana MusicAwards, and in doing so, broke the myth in 2011 by winning Artistes of theyear… no one has ever achieved this height in the history of Ghanaian music.Further to this memorable achievement, other notable moments in VIP historywas their appointment as Ambassadors of West Africa.The impact of their music has reached such great heights that the United Nationsdesignated the group to perform at two consecutive Peace and Reconciliationconcerts in the war torn countries of Liberia and Sierre Leone.

This single actestablished VIP as more than a musical trio from Ghana but has also madeHiplife music to stand out as an agent for social change.Due to the group’s hard work and success, VIP is one of the most highly sortafter Hiplife bands in Africa. They have collaborated with other Ghanaian artistssuch as Castro, K.K. Fosu, Tic Tac, FOI, Quataa, Richie and Afro Moses.

Thegroup has also appeared in several international hit singles such as My Love withNigerian artist 2 Face Idibia and Two Women with Tony Tetulia from Nigeria.Other international music collaborations include the Swatta Camp of SouthAfrica, Awadi of Senegal and Juliet Endee of Liberia.

Following the huge success of the Hiplife documentary Homegrown, producedby independent film maker Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi and Hashim Haruna of BoogieDown Nima(BDN) Productions, VIP is now an independent group and currentlyworking on their seventh album under their own record label BDN whichpromises to be bigger and better than the previous ones.

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