Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Ghana it’s time to vote for Elikem…..

Paulina opoku-Gyimah says: I haven’t been on Big Brother Africa game of late… But when I do, I first watch clips involving our Elikem Kumordzi, then Zimbabwe’s Pokello –unfortunately Ms Pokello one of Africa’s finest ‘It’ girls is now out of the game. Then I watch Zambia’s Sulu who’s an incredibly funny guy -once you work out what he’s saying. I watch all the clips via Big Brother Africa’s official website at:

Anyway I was doing my BBA must-check ‘moment’ (I’m at the office soooo I can’t fart about for tooo long) when I spied big beauty brand Ghandour!!!!

I think they are now one of BBA’s sponsors as BBA has just introduced, “the exciting Ghandour Big Brother Movie Festival Task to the Housemates who welcomed it with great enthusiasm.” It’s all very interesting me thinks……

Anyway whether this will help save our Elikem –who I get the distinctive, feeling BBA or Biggie as he’s colloquially known –wants out –I don’t know….

I’m finding Big Brother Africa as corrupt as most of the continents governments and feel that apart from South Africa and Nigeria –no other African countries will ever win –certainly not Ghana!!! Just read the anti-Ghanaian jagger-jaggerness written about our representatives each passing year.

Anywayssssssssssss our ever entertaining Elikem is up for eviction this week alongside Annabel and Sulu –and it’s also the first time in the Chase where only three Housemates are up for possible Eviction –coincidence or what??? So remember to vote Elikem and make BBA watchable…. By visiting: http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/

Read about the nominations here:

For more info visit:


Some of my fave clips from Big Brother Africa 2013 -thus far....

Elikem’s fashion master class
My goodness Ghanaian men surprise me with their never ending talents –everyday. It’s actually very funny without it meaning to be -a real must watch.

The Selly & Nando show…
Selly hiding under the Ghana flag whilst fraternizing with wild boy Nando got some very hot under the collar… This is was when Selly lost her game according to some. Even though I feel she came back –some didn’t.   

Selly is interviewed

Selly & Pokello dancing…
Our Selly, Zimbabwe’s, Pokello, Sierra Leone’s Bassey and Nigeria’s Beverly were the best dancers in this year’s Big Brother House –in that order.

Big up to Africa…

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