Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Luxe Lifestyle: Finlandia Vodka has landed in Ghana…..


Luxe Finnish vodka brand Finlandia Vodka has recently launched in Ghana. They choose expat fave, Bella Roma for their premier launch and are set to partner with other fashionable Ghanaian brands and services in the coming months to reach their target market –Ghana’s bourgeoning expat community and aspirational trendy middleclass.

As part of Finlandia Vodka’s huge marketing drive to dominate Ghana’s high-end liquor industry –they are throwing what’s been described as the party of the year –an all-white rave (1’500 ravers to be exact) set to take place at Accra, Ghana’s Exel lounge this coming Friday 26th July 2013….

I’m a PR girl sooo I’m always intrigued by the people behind these types of events in Ghana and even more sooo as to why they were chosen, thus I got researching –and I can’t quite work it out which PR firm is truly behind said event. I did stumble across a few PR bodies –the few branded about with regards to this must-go-to event by various websites but none of their Facebook pages lists this event. Even the Finlandia Vodka Ghana facebook page fails to talk about this upcoming event. I’m guessing everybody going knows each other and will gives some tickets to their friends and their friends will also give some tickets to their friend etc etc (laughter) –and soooo forth and sooo forth. Welcome to marketing –Ghana styleeee!!! We need communications expert Noelle Bonner in Ghana, doing things properly –pronto!!!

Anyway, from the little I’ve gathered it’s going to be a road block, packed to the rafters with celebrities, socialites and the ubiquitous Accra wannabes.   
I really hope Ghana’s very own Kasapreko is taking notes.  Kasapreko can’t afford to sit there playing granddaddy, granddaddy –the Vodka market is a very sexy market right now and they need to launch their own and up their marketing game. I hope to soon buy --not only Kasapreko’s Kaso Vino (their own brand of red wine) in London but their own brand of Vodka too.. All they need is a big budget for advertising and distributers…  

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