Thursday, 4 July 2013

Shooting from the hipssssssssss…….

Paulina says: I don’t want to get all tacky and tabloid-y (every other blog is…) sooo I won’t print what was said …but what on earth did ‘Kukere’ singer Iyanya say about his ‘relationship’ with beautiful Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson on the Tim Westwood show????

I know YN hasn’t asked for my advice but I’ll give it anywayssss… I suggest Yvonne ups her game in terms of men in the future and opts for intelligent, enlighten men –possibly not in the limelight –maybe bankers or doctors etc and stop with men on the rise!!!

Because…and we are all grownups here – when its being offered on a plate left-right-and-centre No man can refuse!!!!!

You can only safely ‘do’ these types of men when they reach errrmmm around the 50’s mark. They are usually tired, worn out and ready to settle down. Just saying xxxx

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