Thursday, 25 July 2013

Royal Yacht Casino Lounge aka The Yacht Lounge –Ghana’s latest go-to hub of style and entertainment…


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: if I had to come up with a must-go-to venue, one that attracts the big boys and gals of Accra –mainly Ghana’s new oil rich, the returnee Sankofa generation, the Ghanaian-Lebanese crowd and the expat community --- Royal Yacht Casino Lounge aka The Yacht Lounge would be it.

Adding to Accra’s list of yummy hubs of style, entertainment and a little R&R - The Yacht Lounge exclusive vibe attracts the crème-la-crème of Accra society, tourists and all those after a little or a lot of flatter of the cards and slot machines. But if you thought is all a bit big-boys-club don’t, Accra’s ladies-who-launch are also big fans. It’s just tooo glamorous to be just for the ‘boys’…

I’m loving the interiors –and some of its plush, blingy fixtures. I’d love to know their interior decorator –because whoever it was –did a great job. For more inform about The Yacht Lounge visit
Friday nights at The Yacht Lounge just got hotter. The launch of Fashion PUB Fridays Party is sure to bring in a much younger crowd… you can check out Pub Fridays via:


More details about the Fashion PUB Fridays Launch Party:

"Fashion PUB Fridays Launch Party

 A place where the fashion world meet to exhibit true Ghanaian Culture and fashion with a touch of quality African music all night.

 A high class clubbing designed as a tool to promote African fashion in the club and a perfect place where African models hang out with quality music all night, this and every FRIDAYS at the very new YACHT LOUNGE inside OSU RE, NEXT TO LA VILLA BOUTIQUE HOTEL opposite SIC Insurance."

 For more info about Fashion PUB Fridays Launch Party visit:

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  1. My daughter and son-in-law had their reception at this place on a beautiful evening in September. Months later, I am still receiving rave reviews
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