Sunday, 28 July 2013

Big Brother News: Hip Hip Hooray …Ghana’s Elikem survives what is probably the hardest Eviction –yet…

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Omgoodness …I was hoping but wasn’t expecting this outcome!!! I and most of Africa and beyond are soooooo happy that Ghana’s last representative –actor/tailor Elikem has been saved from tonight’s crazy evictions, mainly because Big Brother Africa always seems sooooo biased towards Ghanaians. Anyway I want our Elikem to win but …..with its poli-tricks I just don’t know ---but what I am certain of is that nobody wants Tanzania’s Feza or Botswana’s Oneal. The aforementioned are lovers in the Big Brother Africa house –and have over the past month started to show their true feelings towards the rest of the housemates –and it’s not good.

I find Feza new stance baffling especially her brewing hatred for our Elikem –someone she was once very close to. Also it seems Oneal who I thought was just very serious and a principled young man has changed drastically. He is now somewhat bitter, has real hatred for our Elikem and apparently hates ‘West Africans’ –which isn’t going down well with Africans especially West Africans in watching land.

Another thing that is troubling this the fact that Feza seems to have a very negative hold over her fellow countrymen Nando –who is hell-bent on upsetting our Elikem …I just don’t know what’s going on with him.  

All-in-all I’m pleased that our Elikem is safe for another week, –plus he has a head-to-head coming up against Botswana’s Oneal tomorrow –which seems to have watchers in watching land gripped…. But apart from that, I’m uber sad that Big Brother Africa lost the very funny and much loved Zambian Housemate Sulu,… I really wished that only Annabel went today but it’s how the cookie crumbled…. I see big things for Sulu and wish him every success.

A big thank you to the following countries for voting for Elikem….

Ghana: Elikem
Ethiopia: Elikem
Nigeria: Elikem
Sierra Leone: Elikem
Zimbabwe: Elikem
Rest of Africa: Elikem

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