Friday, 25 October 2013

Agbobgloshie Market on fire again

Parts of the Agbobgloshie Market in Accra is currently being ravaged by fire. 

The fire which started about an hour ago is yet to be put out because personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service have not been able to gain access to the area under fire.

Citi News Richard Sky who is at the scene of the fire reported that many of the structures in the market have been destroyed by the fire.

According to him the scene of the fire “is so remote and inaccessible to the extent that the Fire Service I’m told is unable to make its way to the root of this particular fire we are talking about.”

The local people are thus making efforts to douse the fire “as they are relying on their buckets, throwing sachet water into the flames in an impossible attempt to put out the flames which are causing serious damage.”

Mr. Sky also reported that the cause of the fire is unknown but in an interview, some of the locals recalled that “the lights were out but they only got to know that the lights had come back and as a result, they heard that fire was whizzing through their homes…so they are trying to do a connection between the power outage and the power that was turned on subsequently.”

He added that the fire service personnel are “doing everything to see if they can get around the structures to enter the area under fire.”


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