Sunday, 6 October 2013

Brooks Support –Event Planner du jour…..

Paulina says: The thing about folks back home is that they prefer to ring or email me here in London to ask for the best this and that when I should be the one ring them. Some time back I promised a ‘Ghana High-End Wedding list thingy, and someone, I wouldn’t name names have really held me to it!!!

I still up to this present day get mostly emails asking me for wedding planners, various vendors, best wedding dress designers etc etc and I have been quiet good –and at time have shared/posted the information here on La Ghana Rising Blog –which I hasten to add has now been viewed over 2 million times according to Google stats or whatever it calls its self… Sooo a very big thank you to Papa God and La Ghana Rising readers for the stats….

Anyway I’m waffling again –only I’ve had to really scratch about with regards to wedding planners because I've written about the most noted wedding planner before –please see past post but I have been hearing about not a wedding planner as such but a body that’s been behind some of the most chichi society weddings in Ghana but no one, not even Ms Jagger-jagger, the very ‘not’ working real socialite that’s eating one of Ghana’s most prominent judge’s sika  –knows nothing of said society wedding and events planners..

So I sort of put my pursuit for this wedding planner du jour to the back of my ever growing lists of high-end services/vendors in Ghana. Then I stumbled upon the yummy wedding photos of the new Mrs Christal Beeko (nee Jeanne) and was blown away by her nuptials, every detail about her wedding was exquisite, –she is one of the most celebrated socialites and beloved TV presenters on Ghanaian television.

So I decided to find out who her wedding planner was –and luckily stumbled upon a lovely website called -where they do things properly and offered a list of all the vendors used by Mrs Christal Beeko, and her wedding planner was listed as Memuna Kaleem’s Brooks Support.

I checked out Brooks Support and discovered that over the years “Brooks has provided a wide range of formal and informal events support services for both local and international organizations and institutions” including the: World Bank,  African Development Bank(ADB), EMPRETEC/Spanish Embassy, Canadian high Commission(IFC), Ministry of Private Sector Development/ International Monetary Fund (IMF) and African Women's Development Fund, -providing services including: seminars, translators, conferences, promotions, personal assistants and launches…

For more info about the services provided by Brooks Support visit:

For a glimpse of Mrs Christal Beeko’s lovely wedding photos visit:


More Info
Memuna Kaleem is the founder and Executive Director of Brooks Support Services Services. She has a Marketing background with a wealth of experience in both French and English speaking work environments.

Key Experience
During Ghana's 2000 election period, Brooks was engaged to coordinate activities leading to the first Forum for Presidential Candidates, which was jointly organised by the Freedom Forum, an International NGO for press freedom, and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

More recently, she trained hostesses for the Homecoming Summit for Ghanaians in the Diaspora, as well as the Africa Business Roundtable AGM in Accra. Brooks Support Services Services coordinated activities of personnel, and ensured that participants were accorded the required protocol on their arrival and departure.

Other organisations for which support services have been provided include the West Africa Monetary Institute (WAMI) and ECOWAS Secretariat in Abuja Nigeria, which involved organising and developing printed materials for conferences and seminars, as well as for general office use. She also coordinated protocol

Memuna's experience with the West Africa Enterprise Network involved developing relationships between private businesses to enhance regional integration in West Africa, providing bilingual support, organising conferences, seminars and workshops in different capitals in the sub-region.

As a French and English speaking professional, she worked with the Ghanaian Embassy in the Republic of Benin, providing bilingual support and liaising with French speaking individuals and organisations interested in investment opportunities in Ghana.

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