Friday, 18 October 2013

Fashion: Lace and Kente –A very stylish mix

“A Beautiful Ghanaian Bride” Weddings OnPoint

Paulina says: I was quietly minding my own business, doing some small, small research about the same ole high-end weddings/services for my Ghanaian weddings list thingy…. when I stumbled upon the above photo via the ‘Weddings On Point’ Facebook fan page and was blown away.

The heady gorgeous mix of quality lace and the most delectable chic and simple two colour only woven real kente just took my breath away –and plus, the bride also looks sooo happy and sooo beautiful. I believe that the outfit is made up of a lace and kente Peplum top and a matching maxi kente skirt, giving this bride a silhouette to die for…

Under the above photo’s caption “A Beautiful Ghanaian Bride” was a photographer credit link sooo I clicked on the link and low and behold ---loads more photos of this beautiful bride and husband ---and that gorgeous...... I’m guessing..... her engagement or traditional wedding ensemble….

After looking through most of the photos I just have to share photographer(s) NewGenn Photography with!!! NewGenn Photography are the professionals behind the lovely photo and I recommend you check out the rest of their portfolio as I believe they have shot some of the most beautiful Ghanaian brides/weddings and table setting I’ve seen in quite some time..

I don’t know the name of this beautiful bride, I’m guessing she’s called Nana,  –her and her handsome bridegroom are credited as ‘Frank weds Nana’ (awwwww) --or the fashion designer behind this fabulous grey/silver Lace and gold and coral Kente ensemble but I love it –and I’m truly inspired. Who would have thought that delicate grey/silver lace would sit sooo perfectly on regal gold and coral (I think) Kente… I’m beyond inspired….

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