Friday, 4 October 2013

Forbes launches it much anticipated ‘Forbes Life Africa’ glossy…..

Alek Wek on the cover of the first issue of Forbes Africa……..

“Forbes Life Africa opens up a new platform for debate and expression on the rich stories of everything from lifestyle and sports to the arts. From cigar lounges in Nairobi and music for the masses to the millionaire as a consumer, the publication will highlight the continent’s wealth, youth, action and vitality.” Forbes Life Africa

Paulina says: Who can forget that issue of Forbes Africa with our very own Sam Jonah on the cover? Well they’ve done it again, –they have launched what I consider to be the best in their franchise –the lifestyle version of Forbes Africa – the Forbes Life Africa glossy which features one of my all-time favourite models, Sudanese beauty Alek Wek as its first cover stars (she is in my humble opinion the perfect model for this first issue)…

As you all know I’m as nosy as ever and I’m trying to find out the editor of this prestigious glossy and will urge real high-end model agencies in Ghana to get in touch with its fashion director/commissioning editor and send your model comps to said publication –as its soooo lovely to have another magazine that’s poised to celebrate African/black models and African lifestyle brands and beyond.

For those with high-end fashion/beauty/luxury services it time to start sending your professional press releases to this fabulous global platform….

For more info visit:

P.s   You can watch Sudanese beauty Alek Wek behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week with the newly launched Forbes Life Africa via YouTube at:

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