Wednesday, 2 October 2013

TV: Ruby Tandoh making head waves on the BBC’s Great British Bake Off………..

“Ruby Tandoh…….Our if not the favourite to win 2013’s GBBO (which is proving to be a stellar one). Used to be a model. Made a peacock out of bread. Nothing not to like.” Grazia magazine

Paulina says: It’s very possible that I’ve been living on the moon for the past month or sooo because I honest-to-goodness had no idea uber beautiful former model Ruby Tandoh who is an incredible baker has been causing quite a stir on the BBC’s beloved Great British Bake Off competition!!!!

I don’t watch much TV –only the news (in particular ABN’s Joy news from Ghana –it makes me sick but I can’t stop watching it) and the Housewives franchise, right now it’s all about those snitches from Vancouver….

Anyway I’ve been trying to get through my pile of must-read never ending round of publications consisting of glossy weekend supplements (the Sunday Times Style magazine and the Sunday Telegraph's weekend supplement Stella --are a must), free publications like Stylist (weekly) and Toni & Guys own seasonal mag, the Vogues and Elles, Monocle, Harrods own, my next door neighbour’s seasonal Quintessentially mag and my weekly Grazia magazine –where I found out rather late from  their ‘Chart of Lust’ page that Ruby Tandoh was on GBBO and wondered what on earth it was…

It transpires  that student Ruby Tandoh’s been on the Great British Bake Off competition, proven herself a talented and the youngest baker, the men of England have fallen in love with her, she’s had a few tearful outbursts and has won baker of the week enough times to make her a treat…. But all-in-all, the nation has fallen in love with Ruby and wants more.

Ruby is still in the show and is one of the favourites to win –and La Ghana Rising wishes her the best. I see fantastic book deals and TV cookery programmes in Ruby’s future –and this should silence her critiques, apparently she’s had a few nasty’s from internet trolls who feel she’s still in the show because she’s beautiful!!!!  For more info about GBBO visit

To keep up with all of Ruby foodie happenings visit:

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