Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Kwaadee Talks……..



Published on 6 Oct 2013
Reacting to recent calls from media houses about his mother visiting media housing, Kwaadee quite noticeably upset speaks out for the first time. Film at (OM) Ohenemedia on 5th Oct 2013. After just being informed that his mother has visited yet another media house more with accusations.


Paulina says: It seems our beloved Kwaadee’s mother is ‘just’ being a loving and caring mother, -and a worried one at that (and what mother wouldn’t be worried by all those scary stories of smoking and drugs), and trying to keep her son safe –but national treasure Okomfour is having none of it!!!

Jerry Anaba aka Okomfour Kwaadee who’s now 35 and ‘not a kid’ is still gorgeous and funny as hell, he needs his own TV talk show.

I know this video isn’t a comedy show but I dare you to watch this film clip of Kwaadee expressing himself only once and not laugh, –it’s just not possible!!!!

All I can say is ....Kwaadee Ghana still loves you!!! Jerry concentrate on your music, if your mother wants you to stop smoking, –listen to her and stop, and get back in the studio asap…..Kwaadee you are still a great entertainer and we miss you and the music…

Anywayssss, you can watch the above video and keep up with Kwaadee via his ‘Okomfour KwaadeeTv’ channel on YouTube at:  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT_KX41Uz6-Ot0dIXQgNgUA?feature=watch

There’s also a new Twitter account that’s got the whole of Ghana talking and surprisingly its really is Kwaadee’s very own genuine account……. You can check it out via: https://twitter.com/Okomfo_Kwaadee

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