Sunday, 13 October 2013

Vote Dee for BEFFTA’s Best Wardrobe Stylist….

Title: Stylist Dorothy Maathay-Osei (Dee) up for a BEFFTA

The Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts (BEFFTA) Awards is one of the respected honour regimes in the United Kingdom and Ghanaian stylist, Dorothy Maathay-Osei, popularly known as Dee, is hoping to join the ranks of its honourees this year.

She has been nominated in the Best Wardrobe Stylist category for 2013.

The BEFFTA award was founded by Pauline Long. It is celebrating five years of honouring and celebrating musicians, comedians, actors, actresses, DJs, models, fashion designers, stylists, film directors, music producers, authors, dancers, choreographers, promoters, TV presenters, radio personalities and radio stations among others.

This year’s awards ceremony will be a two-day affair on October 25 and October 26 in the UK. “I am so humbled by this nomination. It is not easy to be recognised in the fashion industry and for it to be in London, a place I wasn’t born, makes it special for me,” Dee says.

She thinks it is her devoted and elegant approach to styling that has brought her the recognition. “Being humble and hardworking takes you places. Most of my styling work has been for free because I believe in helping new and young designers,” she added….


Paulina says:  I absolutely love London based fashion stylist and all round Ghana Rising Blog fave, Dorothy Maathay-Osei -affectionately known as Dee!!!

One of sweetest most talented, most stylish stylists in one of the most cut throat industries on planet earth –fashion, Dee’s generosity and genuine kindness truly deserves to win BEFFTA’s Best Wardrobe Stylist category for 2013 –plus, I hope to see Dee with her own fashion TV show in Ghana someday, –she understands the fashion industry and how it works after all (something that can’t be said about many on Ghanaian TV)....

Any way you can vote for Dee via -remember to scroll down and choose the correct category which is ‘Best Wardrobe Stylist’ –then Dee is listed as: Style Check by Dee… I’ve already vote and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

You can check out Dee’s fabulous work and style via her website at:

For more info about the BEFFTA’s visit:

To see all the nominees visit:

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