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Urban Dictionary …a whole load of Kwasiasem

Nana is an amazing funny pretty girl. You'll love her once you meet her. She is normally dark skinned. She always has something to say. She is loud and rude and isn't afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Nana is amazing.

Read the rest about what Nana means to some via:



Country known for beautiful girls with awesome bodies and a really good sense of humour
"Damn!!! That girl is fine!!She must be from Ghana"

A small country in the west coast of Africa where good people did allow themselves to be ruled for almost 20 years by a Scottish bastard.
It is endowed by so many natural resources like gold, diamond, etc. Almost everybody has the same first name like Kofi, Yaw, Kwame, etc. for the males. The female versions are Afua, Yaa, Ama, etc.
Like Kofi Annan of Ghana who is a former UN-boss and Afua Kobi who is the present Queen of Ashantis of Ghana.


A burnt part of Africa. 99.9% Of the residents look like shadows. The people are black as fuck and are impossible to see when the lights go out, this is why Nigeria helped them to acquire constant power.

Closest things to vampires because lights burn them
"Nigga do you see that shadow over there? Thats some creepy shit"
"Oh no man! Thats a Ghanaian right there"
"Reverend, I been trying to get this Ghanaian man outta my apartment but he won’t leave"
"Just put a lamp in a room and lock him in it son."

A country known for its closet homosexual community, the largest in Africa. It was exposed by the hardwork of Eric K. who fought hard against the government to overturn their "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

Dude, that gay gimp is SoOoO from Ghana. I heard he's been hanging around with Eric "The Man" Dingo at Strawberries


when a person’s self-worth severely exceeds their abilities. This is usually done in a manner in which the KOFI has no idea they are actually doing anything incorrect, since it makes perfect sense to them.

KOFI can also be used as anything in place of any negative descriptive word.
Man you really KOFI'd that one up.
If you were any more kofi i would have to fire you.
My kofi car battery is kofi dead dangit!
I just had a bad kofi.
That kofi smells, use the bathroom.
That computer is kofi'd up, can you crack the admin password?

a black child who is always underestimated; usually in height, abilities, or education
2) successful; rises above odds
What college did u get in
"I got into Harvard, i rele kofi'd my way to the top"



The "Smith" of Ghanaian names.
Meaning, almost every Ghanaian has this last name. It is the equivalent to names like "Smith" for whites, "Chan" for Asians, and "Singh" for Indians.

If you know a Ghanaian, you know at least one Mensah.

Girl 1: Hey do you wanna hang out with me and Mensah?

Girl 2: Which Mensah?

Girl 1: Peter Mensah of course. Which Mensah did you think I was talking about?

Girl 2: Well, there are a lot of Mensahs. It is the "Smith" of Ghanaian names. Be more specific next time.


The way many black people begin sentences. It's short for "I'm going to."

"Ama kick yo' ass."

"Ama buy me a Cadillac wid some rims."

"Ama find me a new crib."

It is an acronym for "Ask Me Anything".

It is usually seen on Reddit.

Redditor: I work at the Pentagon and I survived 9/11. "AMA"


A shy girl until you get to know her. She is the ultimate definition of stunning! Absolutely crazy and fun to be around. She has an eye for fashion. Don't mess with her though, big mistake. She just wants to be loved, so give her a chance. She is a great friend to have. You'll never know what to expect from Maame.

Person 1:"Hi, what's your name?"

Maame:"I'm Maame!"

Person 1:"Wow, what a beautiful name"



To send a secretive, sexual text message to a person other than your spouse. Often goes hand-in-hand with using one's political power to seduce women.
"Bill just bought his wife a huge diamond ring."
"Why, an anniversary?"
"Nah man, I think he's scared his wife is gonna find out about the kwame going on behind her back."

Verb. The act of foolishly squandering something that is otherwise set in stone - primarily by the subjects own doing. Examples are: jobs, relationships, connections, definite future prosperity, and other tangible things that otherwise would have been maintained. Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is prime example.

Blue collar workers in a billion dollar corporation:

David: Did you hear the CEO got fired and indicted on embezzlement?
Brad: Yeah!! What type of guy would kwame himself by stealing $300 from the petty cash account when your annual salary is $2.5 million dollars?

David: You got me beat!


A Smooth Beast. A lover who you will never forget, he will be a classy gentleman and show you endless love and respect. He will never treat you wrongly or dog you but when he trust you he will be a freak like none other with a sex drive to match. He can be soft or blunt with is words, he hates to be insulted or disrespected. His anger will equal his love of everything. Be careful how you treat him.

Yo bruh dat nigga waz straight kwame @ da club lazz nite!



A beautiful, intelligent and stunning west African girl born on a Tuesday.They are known to have very distinct attractive physical features and are mostly models or work in the entertainment and fashion industries. They tend to attract people born on a Sunday.

My goodness, this girl truly looks like an Abena. She is flawless


Usually a girl's name;
Very friendly creative person; talented artist for their age.
Very fond of comedy and laughing, though knowing when to be serious and address matters in a responsible way; someone who can always put a smile on your face in the darkest of times.
This girl uses very strange but comedic adjectives that always stifle a giggle, even out of the lamest person.

"Ha ha, Abena, you are so funny."

"That was such an Abena move."


Scams originating in West African countries usually involving fraud or identity theft via the Internet, due to corruption on the part of government officials in those countries and a general acquiescence on the part of the same officials to do anything about said scams.

One of the worst things that can happen on the Internet involves what I call Ghanarrhea. The symptoms include an abnormal flow of funds from your pocket into the pockets of these email scammers in Ghana.


Ghanaian Time Syndrome (G.T.S.) 
Ghanaian time syndrome is a syndrome that makes most Ghanaians turn up to an event about 2-4 hours after it has started

1) Kofi: Hey I'm going to throw a party on Saturday night. 6pm prompt. Please be there.
Kwame: OK
Ama: I'll be there
(2 hours later)
Kofi: Where the hell is he, and everyone I invited?
Ama: Don't be suprised, this is a classic case of Ghanaian Time Syndrome (G.T.S.)


Some 1 who has many std's including ghanoreah, herpes and syphilis….

Eeww...that ho cassidy was ghanaherpalitus!


The feeling after watching the US team get eliminated from the World Cup for the second consecutive time.

 Did you watch the game? I think I need some antibiotics after that Ghanarheapeat from 2006.


Paulina says: if you haven’t ever had the errrrrm what can I call it….. the pleasure of sieving through the wicked website tome called the ‘Urban Dictionary’ then don’t start now (laughter)…

A compilation of gibberish-gibber-gabber sent in by urbanites with chips-on-their-shoulders (I’m being very kind here –believe me I can say worse) –it is wick and offensive to some and darn right funny to me and many…

Anyway I’m sharing the existence of the ‘Urban Dictionary’ with you because of the vast amounts of Ghanaian words and names used as slangs to describe allsorts and the awful connotation of some its stupid meaning…

The above words and names are just a tip of the iceberg, there are just tooo many to share and some are soooo offensive and sexually explicit that there's no way I could post it here but if you are over 18 and have some sense-of-humour do check out the uber naughty meanings that a group of losers have given to fabulous Ghanaian surname OPPONG and the ever popular Kwaku and Kwabena –you wouldn’t believe it…

I guess it must be said that we Ghanaians are everywhere, have big personas and continues to make an impact whether those around us like it or not ---and this uraban whatever is very telling… wink, wink, wink….

For more info about the ‘Urban Dictionary’ visit:


P.s Right now we ‘Ghanaians' aren’t defined –so if you are feeling up-to-it…define us before our haters start doing it…

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