Monday, 21 October 2013

Ghana Hair and Beauty Expo set for the 15th -16th December 2013 at Event Haven, Ghana International Trade Fair Centre La-Accra….

Paulina says: I was sent an email by a new beauty brand wanting to know more about the Ghanaian market, –and I’m thinking that this must-go-event is a fabulous platform for all wanting to reach genuine beauty consumers in Ghana, and those with real disposable income in Accra…

Also, if you’re looking to launch a beauty or hair product, why not do your research or marketing –depending on where you’re at ---at the Ghana Hair and Beauty Expo 2013….

I truly believe that Ghana Hair and Beauty Expo offers you a readymade public and platform (can you imagine the footfall) to find out what  Accra’s (and beyond) credit card carrying public, Ghana’s growing middleclass want in/on their make-up bags and dressing tables…

Anywaysss, Ghana Hair and Beauty Expo 2013 looks fab and must not be missed. For more info or to buy tickets visit:


More Info:
To EDUCATE professionals and consumers on hair and beauty!

Hair and beauty is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and in Ghana is no exception. Over the past decade, consumers have been introduced with numerous products aimed at enhancing their natural beauty.

According to research, the average Ghanaian spends between 30 to 500 GHC ($15 - $250) every month on hair and beauty products. According to a recent report, women continue to treat themselves to branded products even in the current difficult economic climate.

The hair and beauty industry needs a platform like exhibitions and seminars to sustain its rate of growth and for various brands to leverage and draw synergy from these events to promote themselves and educate the professionals and consumers.

Ghana Hair and Beauty Expo allows companies to interface with thousands of high spending consumers. It is your opportunity to make a pitch for your product or service. It is the ideal place to create brand awareness or reinforce brand loyalty. This event is the only medium that allows you to interface with thousands of visitors over one weekend. It is the most effective means of meeting your customers and end users

The Ghana Hair and Beauty Expo recognises the important role of vital and desperately needed charities throughout the country. Providing funding for these charities increases their ability to help those within our community in a time of need. This Hair and Beauty expo brings together hair, beauty and wellness professionals to support this philanthropic cause.

Our commitment to these charities is driven by our belief in not taking life for granted and giving a gift of kindness to support their humanitarian work. These worthwhile organisations will be on-hand to answer questions, provide information and interact with vendors and attendees.

A percentage of the proceeds from the Hair and Beauty Expo will be given to three main charities namely, Mother’s Bliss Foundation, Monte Christo Foundation and Eve’s Foundation all mainly focused on the health and wellbeing of poor mothers and hungry children nationwide.

These Charities will be in the forefront of the event as the beauty industry supports their effort to help our Ghanaian population.

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