Sunday, 6 October 2013

For the latest model from Volkswagen head to Universal Motors Ltd in Accra, Ghana…..

Paulina says: I was reading John Lewis’ latest Edition magazine, their Autumn issue -when I stumbled upon a fab piece by journalist Miranda Sawyer about one of my all-time favourite cars, the VW Beetle...
Apparently, “Volkswagen made twenty-one-and-a-half-million in the original 1938 Type 1 design and “it’s the longest-running, most manufactured car, ever.”
Miranda Sawyer's piece was a celebration of the new, latest version of the ‘bug’ as it affectionately known.
Apparently this latest model called ‘The Beetle’ (Cabriolet) –is miles better than the 1998 make-over version which was called funny enough ‘The New Beetle’…. So it got me thinking ....where can one buy the latest uber fun Beetle Cabriolet from in Ghana…..

Step forward Universal Motors Ltd (UML) -the sole authorized distributor of Volkswagen cars in Ghana. Situated at 1 Graphic Road, Accra, Ghana -UML is proving the first point of call for car buyers.
A trusted name in Ghana’s bourgeoning luxury car industry, UML offers the latest models for those not wanting to travel abroad to buy cars and they come highly recommended for their on-point customer services...
For more info about purchasing Volkswagen cars in Ghana visit:

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