Saturday, 12 October 2013

Ghanafua leave National Treasure Richard Kingson Alone….

“The reason why Okomfo Anokye vanished and hasn't returned ever since is that he is still searching for Olele's birth certificate. #olelefact” DGPP

“Olele (Oley Ley)  -Adjective  Origin- "Ga language Ghana" [To be too old for a particular task or activity].#‎olelefact” ASJ

“In Ghana when entertainers grow, we wish them away instead of tapping from their experience. Please leave Olele Kingston alone.” Okyeame Kwame


Paulina says: There isn’t anything we Ghanaians won’t talk about or have opinions on and the reinstating of former Black Star goal keeper in time for our uber crucial World Cup qualifying match against the Pharaohs of Egypt on the 15th October 2013 has had a polarising effect on the Ghana’s peoplessssssssssssssss, with some wondering firstly about Ghana’s most capped player, –goalkeeper Richard Kingson’s true age and secondly whether that makes him tooo old to play in such a crucial game…    

According to Wikipedia our national treasure affectionately called Olele or not as its true meaning in the Ga language may imply was born in 1978 which makes him 35 and counting, but some are having none of it –including non-Ghanaians…. Thus a few social media sites have been set up the Olele hashtag in the name of ‘humour’ to tackle our Olele’s age and some of it is darn right wicked…

It truly takes the voice of reason in this case singer/rapper Okyeame Kwame who like me is asking folks to leave our beloved Richard Kingson –alone…….

Honestly….give Richard a break most Ghanaian players and come to think of it African players full stop are much older than they claim to be –it’s all about economics –no???

I know all this name calling and jokes and what-have-yousss are being done in the name of humour by a very select few (we all love Richard) but this is our national hero and he deserves respect.

Anyway the above photo come courtesy of the #OleleFacts hashtag space on Faebook via:

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