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Ghanaian kept womens' latest trend ---SIKA NAILS gets Ghana Rising Blog talking…..

A Ghanaian Cedi note used to decorate nails....


Paulina says: I got a call about six months ago from Miss Jagger-Jagger Ghana about a new cosmetic company that has opened in Accra Ghana ---that “does absolutely everything” and I mean everything --including liposuction, boob jobs, nose jobs, nip-tucks etc ---and couldn’t wait to fill me in about the types of women using said services…

I wrote a piece about it but didn’t post it ----as I didn’t hear back from said cosmetics company when I asked them for a list of their past satisfied customers. Plus I did some more research and found out via a big Ghanaian national newspaper that someone had lost their life and some were complaining about their procedures, so there was no way I was going to post anything about said cosmetic company….

Anyway I’m sharing this info with you because Miss Jagger-Jagger Ghana described to the T the types of girls going to the new cosmetic company and I had to coin a phrase that I thought would encapsulate everything about these girls and I settled on GDP-ers….

Why GDP-ers? Because its Ghana’s dwindling GDP that’s been used to appease and feed and clothe and buy weaves for these galssssss.

The thing is….girls/women using men is nothing new –certainly not in Ghana, but this new class (is that the right word), no…. this new group of galssssssssss are different..

While many in Ghana like to believe that they are God fearing, this new group of galsss don’t care and feel no shame, and are happy to openly discuss the various juju men they visit (something that’s very new and shocking in uber religious Ghana), and unlike their predecessors, –these galssss are also happy to sleep with more than one powerful man at a time –with their various lovers even aware of each other…

Some actually carry explosive messages backs and forth between their various powerful lovers –I kid you not.

New Ghana, new upstarts…….note that this new group of ‘night’ galsssssssss are not the usual suspects; not the usual media babes, TV presenters, or singers, or former Miss Ghanas’ and Universes’ or actresses et al that you and I already know about, …nope these galssssss are made up of some serious hard-core bush gals, former prostitutes (not the Kwame Nkrumah circle variety, nope these cats don’t walk the streets but use clubs and bars to ply their trade) and lower middleclass ‘Yvonne Nelson’ wannabes from mainly the Tema area… and they are also happily eating through Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with no shame…

These tacky, in-ya-face bleach red galssss and their pimply ashy counterparts are also Ghana’s biggest new trend makers –right now…and with the likes of media hubs like Talk of Gh and Ghana all about celebrity and showing us images after image of events that were once off limits to these galsssss –said kept galsss/women are now out there, seen and admire by a growing number of new media watchers, who want to be like them –and view these galssssss as celebrities……

Thus, when they do the tattoo thingy –everyone else does the tattoo thingy, -when they do music videos for their special rapper boyfriends -every other Tema/Zongo gal wants to become a video Vixen, -when they are photographed at various aspirational bars dressed like their favourite actresses –everyone in Accra dresses the same and goes to said bar..

And whilst the Miss this and that used to be the domain of Ghana’s upper middle and middleclass daughters of Mr businessman this and Mr business that, –this aspirational class can now be seen participating in at least one of the Miss Ghana’s, --be it Miss Malaika, Miss Ghana, Miss Ghana Universe or whatever every year,  –making a hobby for these beauty pageants –believing that they will win and maybe then be presentable enough for their rich lovers/sponsors to marry them!!!!

It’s important to note that in conservative Ghana -kept galsss and woman are permanently in denial, thus the relationship between the kept woman and the rich man is called sponsoring, as in Mr government officer is sponsoring my sister etc etc, even though said gal’s sister will be getting sika in exchange for her body –if you know what I mean…

That these gals are in serious denial is very telling of how woman are perceived in uber conservative Ghana –but one wonders how a beautiful gal who landed in Accra only a few years ago from arid northern Ghana, the same one who claims to be taking care of her entire family ---is able to do soooo whilst spending her entire day shopping at Accra Mall (said galsss are tooo afraid to ‘do’ Marina Mall), taking photo after photo of her and her galssss in one shop or another –wearing one outfit or another –with her purchases et al posted daily to her much-followed Instagram account.

Still I don’t begrudge these galsssssss –we Ghanaian women like nice things after all, and why shouldn’t they be out there having expensive fun –my only problem is that unlike the much quieter kept women of yesteryear, especially those who managed to marry their twenty-five-years-older-Sika-husbands, -----these galssssss aren’t happy to ‘just’ chill out, stay hidden, and go to church on Sundays, –no they want to be seen, feel no shame in playing with married men in the open, and are all over Facebook and Instagram (note these galssssss don’t have the time to Blog or Tumblr) rubbing their rich lovers’ wives noses into their tacky lives…

I blame Kim Kardashian (laughter), it seems these galssssssssss all want to be Kim!!! Anyway I’m going on and on only because I’ve heard some time back that said group of girls were wearing money on their fingers (I’m like really)…. But I couldn’t for the like of me find any images of Ghanaian women with said trend so I left it…

But then I stumbled upon the above image and just had to share…..

Really??? …….I’m wondering how on earth these galsssssssss can disrespect Ghanaian money!!! How can they disrespect Ghanaian money by using it to decorate and embellish their tacky acrylic nails –their penultimate tacky, tacky, tacky no, no trendsetting thingy…. (their latest thing is -----Art, attending Accra big prestigious events mainly at the Alliance Française Accra and of course December will see them at the Accra Polo Open at Accra Polo Club)…..

I think I wouldn’t mind as much if the monies used to decorate their nails were of the photocopied paper money variety –then it wouldn’t matter would it? –But no…. these are real cut up, razed 1 GHs notes –destroyed to decorate the tacky acrylic nails of Ghana’s latest aspirational class –something that just doesn’t sit well with me when the nation of Ghana is mainly poor.

The thing is ……many would like to forget that starving children in Ghana are a reality –but it’s no joke –it’s a reality, and the absurdity of real money nails being used to pay a homeless market women who sleeps in the same spot she sales with her five children isn’t clever or funny or hot ……but ugly in any third world country; plus, if you’re using 1 GHC notes to decorate your manky acrylic nails ---are you spoiling state property?

Can this sort of new trend in Ghana ever be classed as fashionable or is it plain disrespectful?

I know this phenomena has been doing the rounds in the States forever ----but that’s America the land of opportunities and not Ghana –where our economy is on a down turn, in serious recession…

Plus all the above images of Sika nails –even the ones done properly kind of look cheap and a bit ‘Whore-of-Babylon’ to me….

I’m also wondering………does anyone think real Sika nails are hot or do you feel, like me, that the money would have been better spent buying food for the homeless or donated to charity!!! 

If you’re a man ----would you be happy to date a woman who uses real money to decorate her nails?

I wonder what all those hidden moneyed powerful men in Ghana who go out with these tacky real money-nails-wearing galssss ---think of this sort of new trend. Do they think it’s tacky, or is it as my mate pointed out, –exactly the type of whorish look they like and go for?

What do you feel about this ‘Sika nails’ trend???

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